Green peas (arakas laderos)

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5 January 2020
Greek pyramid at Elliniko
27 January 2020

Green peas (arakas laderos)


Today I will present a recipe for green peas. The recipe below is for 4 people, vegetarians can also make a dish.

– 1 kg of peeled peas
– onion, dill
– half a glass of oil
– a pinch of sugar, salt, pepper
– tomato sauce

In a saucepan on hot olive oil, brown the finely chopped onion. We add a small amount of tomato sauce. We pour water, add chopped dill, green peas and spices. We cook until tender. Little sauce will remain.

You can also add after 20-30 min. large pieces of potatoes (previously lightly browned in a pan). Then a one-dish dish is made.

NOTE: we can do the same dish with meat. Then stew the meat first and continue as in the recipe above.

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