Spinach with rice (spinachakorizo)

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25 December 2019
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5 January 2020

Spinach with rice (spinachakorizo)


Today I will present a recipe for spinach with rice. The recipe below is for 4 people, vegetarians can also make a dish.

– 0.5 kg spinach

– a cup of rice

– some oil

– 1 onion, you can also add leek

– a bunch of fennel

– tomato puree (not much)

– salt, pepper, a few drops of lemon

We wash the spinach. If frozen – good to buy in the leaves. Pour olive oil into the pot and fill it with finely chopped onion and leek. Then throw in the spinach and dill. Then add some water, add salt and pepper. When the water boils – we add washed rice and tomato puree.

Boil for about 15 minutes, if necessary add some more water.

After laying on a plate, pour a few drops of lemon.

You can serve this dish with feta cheese or yellow cheese.

If you like it, you can add a few cloves of garlic along with the onions.

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