Drepano, Asini – rest, vacation, holidays in Greece

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30 December 2019
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5 January 2020

Drepano, Asini – rest, vacation, holidays in Greece

Drepano is a small town located in the northeastern part of Peloponnese, in the province of Argolida. It is located in the center of Mycenaean culture.

This area is known as a basin for growing orange and mandarin fruit due to the prevailing microclimate. Groves with olive, pistachio and pomegranate trees can also be found in the area.

The coastal part of this town is Drepano-Plaka. It is an ideal place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This place is not touched by civilization yet. From spring to early autumn, tourists willingly come here wanting both to relax and visit the sights nearby.

Tourists can enjoy crystal-clear water, a sand and shingle beach, with a child-friendly entrance to the sea. The coastline stretching over a length of about 3 km is ideal for long walks along the sea shore. It runs from the Drepano area to the ruins of ancient Asini.

The second part of the beach – running towards the ruins of ancient Asini – is more intimate, close to nature. Private apartments are located here. Some of them are rented to tourists. In this part you will find our Armonia apartments. We are a Polish-Greek marriage and we provide on-site information support in Polish. We suggest what to visit, where to rest, where to buy the tastiest Greek products. You can also learn how to cook Greek dishes.

In Drepano itself there are several small family supermarkets, a pharmacy, bakeries with various types of bread, sourdough bread, homemade cakes, several family taverns with tasty Greek dishes and economical prices. And at two of them there are butcher shops where you can buy fresh meat.

Walking the beach you can reach the ruins of ancient Asini. In Mycenaean times, an important city of Assine existed here. In 740 B.C.E. (or in 700) it was destroyed by the jealous inhabitants of the then powerful Argos city. It was supposed to be revenge for the alliance of the city’s inhabitants with Sparta. During the Hellenistic period it was rebuilt.

Currently, you can see the ruins of the citadel and the remains of Mycenaean graves here. Archaeological research was started in 1922-30 by a Swedish group of archaeologists. They were resumed in 1970 by Greek archaeologists. Many interesting objects have been found that can be seen in the museum.

This place was a source of inspiration for the Greek poet – Georgios Seferis, a Nobel laureate. In the poem “The King of Assini” describes the desolation of the ancient city in a picturesque way. He describes this place as the most beautiful rock wall on the sea shore, decorated with the remnants of the distant past.

For lovers of water sports, 3 km from Drepano is a well-known resort – Tolo. There is a large selection of water sports: windsurfing, water skiing, paragliding, diving or renting a boat for several hours. Be sure to take a day trip with Tolo
around nearby islands such as Hydre, Spetces. It is also worth visiting the ancient port of Monemvasia, called the Greek Gibraltar. An unforgettable experience, wonderful nature, peace,
relax …

Drepano invites you warmly. You won’t regret it because it’s a magical haven in Greece for everyone. Age does not matter, everyone will find something for themselves. At your fingertips you will find places like Epidaurus, Mycenae, Argos, Nafplion. A little further: Corinth, Athens, Sparta, Mystra, Olimpia. It’s simply the perfect place to relax. Sea, monuments, cuisine … The essence of Greece in one place … Drepano! Welcome

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