A hospitable cradle of European civilization

Greek pyramid at Elliniko
27 January 2020

A hospitable cradle of European civilization

Ewa Christopoulos from Opole and her husband run a small holiday resort located almost on the beach in Drepano on the Greek peninsula Peloponnese. Three comfortable 4-person comfortable cottages often host guests from Poland, because it is easier for us Poles to go on a long vacation, when we know that the language barrier will not hinder us on the spot …

The Mediterranean itself, full of curious colorful fish, is reason enough to travel across the Balkans and delve into the intriguing network of Greek local roads. Although admirers of travel by plane, Ewa’s husband picks up from the airport in Athens, but in a place like Greece it is worth having your car on hand and using it to make evening trips. Evening, because due to the heat, during the day it is best to put on a mask and a snorkel for diving, and then let the salt waves float and drift among countless fish and fish. When you are lucky, you can find a shell in which the hermit crab does not live, but most are busy. The beach in Drepano is actually the best part of the coast for family recreation I’ve ever seen. And the people here are extremely friendly.

However, when the evening approaches, it is worth getting in the car and heading to the nearby (12 km) Nafplion – the city considered to be the most beautiful in Greece. Not accidentally, when in the early 20th century Greece “stood out for independence,” the capital was initially located in Nafplion. The massive fortress on the rock reminds of the Turkish occupation. Port streets during the day deserted only after dark fill with Mediterranean bustle. The free modern elevator will take us to the top of the hill, from which there is a view of the bay, in which Agamemnon, concentrating on conquering Troi, concentrated the Greek fleet waiting for a successful wind. We reflect on the terrible fate of Iphigenia, we enjoy the evening intoxicating scent of opuntia. With a sense of completing each line we hum the song by Grzegorz Turnau written to the poem by Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński: “Again we wander a warm country, a malachite meadow of the sea …”

Bolesław Bezeg


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