Greek culinary attractions

Greek cuisine
27 October 2019
Liquid corn with rice (rewithia me rizi)
6 November 2019

Greek culinary attractions

I owe my Greek cooking skill to my sister-in-law, the Greek Mary Maria … only as every Greek woman uses more oil for her dishes.

Such dishes as musaka, pastycio or dzadziki are known to every person spending their holidays in Greece at least once. However, in Greek cuisine there are many dishes that are very healthy, simple to make, but are not served in taverns focused on tourists in the summer. So in my next entries I will focus primarily on familiarizing you with such regulations. Today, however, I will present interesting facts and practical advice that can be helpful when studying recipes.

Trivia or useful tips:

– the word JOGURT in Greece means something different than in Poland. Here, it has the consistency of Polish homogenised cheese. I recommend buying yogurt by weight at dairy stands. It makes no sense to buy products with a shelf life of one month, i.e. stuffed with preservatives.

– I advise you to buy feta cheese as well. There are several types of feta: soft, hard or spicy. The taste of feta also depends on the manufacturer. Sellers are happy to give you a piece of cheese to try, so please use it.

– you can also try olives sold by weight.

– when shopping at a dairy stand, we may be surprised by white balls lying there, sometimes wrapped in foil. This is midzithra cheese.

Can distinguish:

– the soft variant is cheese suitable for eating. The second – harder – is used as an additive to pasta, sauces, sprinkling fried vegetables, etc. This cheese may have different taste (more or less salty). Great adds flavor to fries, fried zucchini or eggplants.

– oregano spice – best to buy at the market. All packaged spices that are in stores – do not have this taste and smell.

– at the market it is also good to buy OLIVE, OLIVE or WINE. They are made without preservatives and made at home. Maybe the bottles they sell in do not look very aesthetically pleasing, but the quality of the product is what counts, not the appearance.

Spending your holiday in Greece in private apartments will be treated individually, you will have the opportunity to get to know Greece from all sides. Which is not always possible being in a hotel.

And after returning to Poland, the words of one of our guests will be true (entry in the memorial notebook):

“Thanks to you, we will remember Greece with passion and dream about returning to this country all year round. Immediately after returning to Poland, we will organize a GREEK evening. We will listen to Greek music, we will prepare the Greek dishes you have taught us, we will make PAPARE and we will drink Greek wine for your health. JAMAS! ”

* Papara – a piece of bread dipped in a sauce of some dish.

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