Octopus in tomato sauce (ohtapodi me salca tomatas)

New museum under the Acropolis
27 November 2019
Octopus with noodles (ohtapodi me macaronia)
5 December 2019

Octopus in tomato sauce (ohtapodi me salca tomatas)


– 1 octopus
– 2 onions
– half a glass of oil
– 1 glass of dry wine
– tomato sauce
– salt pepper

We wash the octopus, cut it into parts (each leg is one piece). In a saucepan in olive oil, brown the finely chopped onion. Then put the octopus pieces and fry them too (they will turn red when frying). We pour wine, then add tomato sauce, salt, pepper. Cook on low heat until the octopus is soft. Add some water if necessary. Little sauce will remain.

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